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STAR POP - Stars in my palms


▣ STARPOP Services ▣▶ I can’t believe stars are my friend!- You can go to a café or a park with the stars and be closer friends.- Grow your friendship while eating delicious food or participating in events.- You will get more dialogues.
▶ Sweet conversation with the stars.- Have a chat with the stars. Cute movements with actual voices from the stars.- As your friendship grows, the conversation will get sweeter.
▶ Your own star management!- From variety shows to movies! Manage your star's schedule so he may become a superstar.- With adequate activities and breaks, you can become the star's best friend.
▶ Dress up stars any way you want!- Stars will be pleased if you dress up them the way they like.- You’ll receive bonus points for certain clothing items.
▶ Who is closer friend to their stars?- Find out whose star had more activities during the week through the ranking system.- You can also find out who’s closer to the stars.
▶ Delicious food for stars.- Cook delicious foods using various ingredients for stars.- How will stars rate your food?
▶ Decorate your own mini-garden! - Tend your mini-garden with your friend's help.- Raise plants from seeds and get various items.
▶ Chat as my own Star!- Chat with your friends as the stars avatar you created.- You can also share star emojis on your social media accounts.
▶ Special wake-up calls only available from STARPOP!- Start off your day with your star's voice.- You will get the sweetest wake-up calls you have never experienced before.- It's sweet, but don't fall back to sleep!
▶ Stars in my palms! - Enjoy STARPOP right now!- You can meet TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINee and EXO.
▶ Together Mission for All Fans.- Achieve missions for your star with all the other fans.- You can get bonus items and be listed on Hall of Fame if you help a lot.
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